Disinfectant Gel

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Dosage form: Disinfectant Gel;
Disinfectant Gel (no need to wash after use)
Scope of use: Hand Preventive Disinfection
Period of validity: 2 years
Scope of use: Hand Preventive Disinfection


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  • All Type: 100ml/300ml/500ml Disinfectant Gel
    1-No need to wash after use
    2-Dosage form: Gel
    3-Under the experimental conditions, 99.99% of the following microorganisms were effectively killed:
        Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans
    4-Scope of use: Hand Preventive Disinfection
    5-Main active ingredient and content: Benzalkonium bromide, 0.009%~0.011%(w/w)
    No. Constituent Cas No. Purity Content(%) Function of each component
    1 WATER 7732-18-5 100 52.89 liquid carrier, lower flash point
    2 CARBOMER 9007-16-3 90 0.45 Protect the skin
    3 BENZALKONIUM BROMIDE 91080-29-4 5 0.1 Antiviral, produces foam
    4 TRIETHANOLAMINE 102-71-6 99 0.45 Flammable, anti-virus
    5 ALCOHOL 64-17-5 95 46 Flammable, anti-virus
    6 INULIN 9005-80-5 40 0.1 Protects skin and forms gel
    7 METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE 2682-26-4 90 0.01 Anti-viral
    7-Health Hazard:No health hazard.
    8-First Aid:
        Skin irritation: with alcohol irritating.
        Eye irritation: with alcohol irritating.
        Inhalation: alcohol volatile substance to breathe in.
    9-Blast characteristic: Combustibility:Inflammability
    10-Leakage Aid:Do not cause leak while storage.
    11-Fire Aid:
        A-Put out original fire.
        B-Put out the fire at the beginning by dry powder extinguishing agent or CO2 extinguishing agent.
        C-While mass fire, using water to put out the fire.
        D-Stand at upwind direction to protect cloth from the fire while putting out the fire.
        E-All the people keep away from the fire scene, except specialist. Extinguishing Agent: water, chemical powder, carbon dioxide, bubble
    12-Handling and storage:
        Store it in a cool dry place. Care should be taken when storing and handling the product. Do not open it before using.
    13-Safeguard Procedures: Non-toxic harmless to people, directly contact with it is available.
    14-Physical and Chemical characters:
        Appearance and properties: colorless and transparent
        dor: alcohol odor.
        PH (1% aqueous solution): 5.0-8.0
        Ionic characteristics: non-ionic
        Solubility: soluble in water
    15-Consistency and Reactivity:
        Consistency: Stable
        Polymerization hazard: No Polymerized
        Prohibited content: No
        Avoid contact with conditions: high temperature, flame
        Combustion decomposition: carbon dioxide, carbon and water
    16-Environmental Data: It’s harmless to the environment.
    17-Disposal Consideration: Refer to national and local regulations before disposal. Rubbish storage refers to “Handling and storage”.
    18-Packing Info.:
    Type Bottles/Carton G.W./Ctn(kgs) Carton Size(cm) Qty./20ft(bottles)
    500ml 30 16.00 53*44*17 21,210
    300ml 50 16.00 53*44*24 25,000
    100ml 150 16.00 58*39*14 132,750

        This information is based on our present state of knowledge. We do not assume any responsibility on therefore consequence, user judgment it according above suggestions.
  • Type: 100ML Disinfectant Gel

  • Type: 300ml Disinfectant Gel